Spring Farm News (2023)

It has been a challenging winter at SCA, with staff changes and extreme weather we are all looking forward to Spring and some more sunshine! The big freeze before Christmas which saw -10 degree temperatures wiped out our purple sprouting broccoli crop, which is a massive player in the share during the hungry gap. Luckily not a lot of other crops were damaged unlike other neighbouring farms so we were lucky in some respects. The tunnels have been our saving grace, with plenty of salad to go around and greens to keep us all going.

We are very excited that we will have a full team again bursting with fresh energy and ideas. There is nervous excitement amongst the team as we are on the cusp of starting the ‘silly’ season, and we are all aware in a couple of weeks work load is going to ramp up as we take out old crops and replace with new!

Rainbow over polytunnel

We said goodbye to the pigs for the time being as due to increasing pig feed prices it was no longer viable. The heard of cows are nearing the end of their stay in the barn and as soon as it dries up will be back out on the field, which is exciting for both cows and farm team.

The amazing amount of fundraising money received has allowed us to improve the infrastructure vastly at SCA and for that I want to say a huge thank you on behalf of the farm team to those who donated, it is making work life and soil life much happier.