About SCA

Stroud Community Agriculture Ltd (SCA) is a community supported organic/biodynamic farm which is run by and for its members. Like other members of the CSA network its main aim is to build a community around the production of our food.

SCA produces fresh organic/biodynamic produce for its members. Members pay an annual membership fee and optional further payments in order to receive produce including vegetables and organic, pasture fed meat. It is certified organic and biodynamic.

For an in-depth story of Community Support Agriculture (CSA) in Stroud visit our Status and History page.

Stroud Community Agriculture produces nutritious, fresh, organic food for local consumption.

Members of SCA commit to supporting the Farm Team through regular payments. This gives much-needed stability. It builds on cooperation and mutual support so that the risks and rewards of farming are shared between the farmers and consumers.

Isn’t that the same as a box scheme?

Glad you asked. We are much more than a box scheme. We have many members who don’t need the weekly vegetables but want to support and be part of SCA.

Members can volunteer, help out on and join in with events such as the very popular Farm Fest, sup soup at the fireworks-free bonfire night, sing carols to the cows around Christmas, enjoy a bring and share Harvest Festival… We also have a growing team of weekly volunteers who weed, pick, plant, chat and have a great time.

Members are encouraged to share skills with other members (e.g. scything, foraging, onion plaiting, wildlife walks, fireside storytelling, recipes for the newsletter). Through connecting with others we weave a bond with the farm and its members.

SCA is a resource nationally and internationally. We host visits and placements for agricultural students from abroad interested in Community Supported Agriculture.

The SCA has been selected by The Real Farming Trust to twin with Somali Refugee Kitchen project in Bristol. We will create events together aiming to connect the growing of our food with the cooking and eating, and in the process bridge social gaps.

In conclusion…
  • Our health is supported by eating local, organic veg.
  • We support the wellbeing of the farm workers so they can develop the health and fertility of the farm, its wildlife and the environment.
  • We enjoy the benefits of taking part in enriching the environment, the SCA community and beyond.