Here are the projects we want to fund:

1. A new tool shed and repair facility. This will enable us to store our tools and equipment safely.

2. A new office / kitchen space for farm workers. This will include hand-washing and a warm, dry space for farmers to shelter in to eat their lunch and plan the operation of the farm.

3. Improve bursaries. We already have a bursary scheme. In the current cost of living crisis we want to extend the bursary scheme to include more people on low or no pay.

4. Purchase a two-wheel tractor. This will allow shallow, more precise and less aggressive cultivation of the soil while reducing labour inputs.

5. More mentoring and training. Our workers have identified training and mentoring opportunities. We want our farm workers to be equipped to produce even better vegetables and provide care for the animals.

6. We need better irrigation systems to save crops and farmers! Overhead irrigation in the poly tunnels and field-wide irrigation is a priority for the summers ahead.

7. Rainwater harvesting. We want to begin to reduce our dependence on the grid and use water collected from the barn roof to irrigate the polytunnels. This will result in improved quality of veg and lower water bills.

8. Improved composting. We aim to revolutionise our composting process to develop growing medium for the polytunnels and improve soil health. We will do this by building three large bays near to the polytunnels and use the compost to improve the quality of our veg.

You can read more on our Projects page.