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Everyone is welcome to join in and enjoy the farm, including non-members.

To find out more about SCA before joining, please read all About SCA, Please contact us if you would like to discuss the project in more detail or have any questions before joining.

If you feel that the costs below are too much, then please contact Carol about our bursary scheme to help members on a low income. Let us know if you know someone who would like to make use of this bursary. We also have a ‘work-share’ system that allows one or two members to provide work of real value to SCA in return for a veg share. If you would like to apply for this, please email Carol for an application form.

The Stroud Community Agriculture project also welcomes people who would like to join the community purely for the social benefits. As the project succeeds we hope it will expand to other farms and enterprises so that more people can get involved in this way of farming.

You can choose one of two ways to join SCA:

1. As a member only (which supports the general running of the project) at £3 (£2 concessions) per household per month.

As a member you can buy organic, pasture fed meat and eggs and take part in various farm events throughout the year.

2. As a member with a weekly veggie box (share of seasonal vegetables) at £3 (£2) for the membership + £60 for a single share (most members find that this is enough for 2 adults) and £54 for additional shares per month.

Veg share September 2022

In addition to vegetables, all members can buy competitively priced frozen organic, pasture fed meat, all of it raised on the farm. They can also buy eggs from Rachel at Cultivate Abundance who keeps her chickens just down the road; as well as staple veg (such as potatoes, carrots and onions) all of which is bought in from local, organic suppliers.

Since the farm needs supporting throughout the year, monthly payments need to continue even if you are on holiday. Members usually arrange for a friend to collect their vegetables when they are away. If you decide to stop your standing order, then you may need to join a waiting list before you can rejoin. SCA needs three months’ notice for cancellation of a vegetable share. This ensures that the farm is fully supported and gives us time to recruit someone to take your place.

Please complete and submit the Joining Form below and Carol will contact you via email with information on setting up a standing order and scheduling your first pick-up.

Joining Form

The information you provide in this form will be used only for dealing with you as a member of Stroud Community Agriculture. SCA takes the privacy of our members’ data seriously and will only use your personal information for administration purposes and for communicating with you about your membership.

Your data will be stored and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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    I/we agree to pay monthly the Basic Membership of £3 per month (£2 concession) plus the amount of any veg share selected below.

    Basic Membership £3Basic Membership £2 (concession)
    One weekly vegetable share (£60 per month)
    One and a half shares per week (£84 per month)
    Two shares per week (£114 per month)
    One half share once a week (£36 per month)

    You can set up a monthly donation and support your farm! (this will either go to our bursary fund to support other members on low incomes or our fund for capital projects, such as a new polytunnel). Please write the amount below.

    You can collect produce direct from the farm site at Hawkwood for free. Alternatively, you can get your veg share delivered to one of our four pick up points for £8.50/month. Please select the time of week of your pick-up below:

    We encourage members to collect vegetables for each other. To make this easier to organize and to help build a community around the farm, we encourage members to share their contact details. If you are happy to share your details, please let us know by ticking the box below. We will give all supporters a list showing everyone’s name, email address, phone number and which area they come from (e.g. Uplands, Nailsworth, Matson, etc.).

    I am happy for my phone number & email address to be circulated to other members

    I would like to get updates on the farm news and events by email

    I would like to get updates about our meat production and meat available to buy by email

    I/we sign up to this project at my own risk and understand that although Stroud Community Agriculture Ltd will do its best to supply consistent quantities at regular intervals, there is no guarantee of specific produce, quantity or delivery times. I understand that I must give at least thirteen weeks notice to cancel my membership or vegetable share.

    Please tell us how you heard about SCA’s veg shares

    Why are you joining SCA?