SCA receives continuing Biodynamic Certification

The Whole Farm Team are really pleased to announce that we have recently received continuing Biodynamic Certification. Lillie Bellamy, the Certification Officer responsible for our farm inspection, wrote: “Thank you for your preparation for the inspection and for having good documentation in place. It appears from the report that the land and animals appear to […]

Summer Farm News (2023)

Veggie fields It’s summer, and even though the skies are sometimes pretending that’s not the case, the plants know the truth. Abundance knocks at our door. The memory of the hungry gap (the late spring period where we produce less veg) fades as the shelves in the pack shed have begun to fill. It’s a […]

Looking for Land – a long-term goal

Stroud Community Agriculture is the oldest Community Supported Agriculture scheme in the UK and quite possibly the largest. We have been looking after the land whilst feeding our members biodynamic/organic veg and meat for 20 years. We have over 300 members and provide 250 veg shares every week, with the option to buy meat. Our […]

Stroud Community Agriculture is looking for Trustees

The SCA is one of the leading Community Supported Farms in the UK. We are looking for new Core Group members who can bring expertise and skills to help run the organisation. We have an exceptional Farm Team who manage the farm, look after the land and produce nutritious, delicious food throughout the whole year, […]

Special General Meeting this Saturday, 20th May

Please try to join us for a Special General Meeting this Saturday, 20 May at 11.00-11.45AM in the lounge above the Shambles indoor market. (Come in from the churchyard entrance to the church hall and up the stairs.) There is a single issue on the agenda, which is to approve some changes to our Rules: not very exciting but very important to […]

Spring Farm News (2023)

It has been a challenging winter at SCA, with staff changes and extreme weather we are all looking forward to Spring and some more sunshine! The big freeze before Christmas which saw -10 degree temperatures wiped out our purple sprouting broccoli crop, which is a massive player in the share during the hungry gap. Luckily […]

Winter Farm News (2022)

Veggie fields One of the things I love the most about being a veg farmer is witnessing close up, the changes of the seasons. The subtle arrival of Autumn with its fresh mornings and bright sunshine, is the best when stood in the middle of a patch of brassicas. It is a joy to see […]

Autumn Farm news (2022)

Veggie fields September is here and summer already seems on its way out. This season on the farm has been as busy as ever. During nearly 2 months of drought a lot of our time and energy went into irrigating crops and protecting them from this incredible heat. Luckily it started raining again after what […]

Summer Farm news (2022)

Veggie fields The farm is busy, busy, busy! It feels a lot like fire fighting right now! As the year progresses there is always this feeling of quickening, the daylight hours get longer, the workload increases… and weeds stubbornly continue to regrow! After a day out in the fields we often leave work searching for […]

Spring Farm news (2022)

Veggie fields Spring is springing! Our propagation tunnel (now situated at Oakbrook farm) is bursting at the seams with brassicas, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans and beetroot. Today we even placed some of our first brassica crops outside to harden-off before we plant them in the fields. If you find yourself walking from town past […]